Why study the rational sciences?

In today’s market place of ideas, western perspectives and thought not only have the monopoly in constructing a global monoculture but also propose confusion among many Muslims. The Rational Sciences are essential to study and master in order to counteract this range of ideological and philosophical challenges impacting Muslim communities in the West today. Ideologies such as liberalism, secularism, and ultimately atheism, all of which are on the rise among Muslims in the West can only be addressed through a firm engagement with these sciences.


Accommodation, three meals a day and tuition are covered. Students are only required to pay for their flights, transport within Turkey and entry fees to museums among other minimal costs. Once the program details are finalized, a full estimate of expenses will be provided.

The student residences are located in the beautiful İLKSEÇ Vakfi Madrasa in Bayrampaşa Istanbul. The facility has adjacent classrooms, mosque, cafeteria and open spaces ideal for studying and reflection. Typically after morning classes, traditional Turkish lunch will be served and eaten together followed by a few hours of free time prior to afternoon lectures.


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