About Us

The Istanbul Introductions programme is a one-month intensive that aims to provide Muslim community leaders and academics from Western countries a foundation in the key Islamic Rational Sciences specifically: Kalām (dialectic theology), Mantiq (logic), Maqūlāt (an ontological study of the categories of being) and Usūl ul-fiqh (the principles of jurisprudence). In the future we plan to offer intensive introductions to other sciences as well, inshaAllah.

IDDEF - The Federation of the Associations That Value Humanity

IDDEF is a humanitarian foundation based in Istanbul. Our mission is to promote authentic teachings and practice of Islam, dignity and education among Muslim communities around the globe. We achieve this by supporting local Islamic scholars and providing assistance to Madrasahs to increase their quality of education. We also provide humanitarian relief and sustainable development projects in the places where we work. We believe that, the key to restoring the balance and the middle way, peace and solidarity in the Muslim world is promoting Islamic education with sound resources. IDDEF is currently active in 33 countries running 53 Madrasahs with a total of more than 8000 students.

Dar al-Rahma – The House of Mercy

Dar al-Rahma is a non-profit independent educational institute, run by a group of students in Denmark and Jordan. We base our understanding on classical Sunni Islam and our main focus is on the rational and spiritual sciences, as they have been taught throughout the history of Islam. We organize lectures, classes and events in Denmark & Jordan as well as online.


İLKSEÇ is a waqf in Istanbul, founded in 1994. Since the foundation, the waqf have been providing scholarships, books and clothing for students, as well as aiding poor families. Up until now we have founded four Quran centers in Istanbul. In the last two years we initiated an unparalleled project by founding a boarding school for the graduates from the Quran centers. Through this institute, we aim to equip our graduates with the highest knowledge and wisdom and lead them to be the conveyors of the Islamic tradition to the next generations. Short video about İLKSEÇ Vakfi in Arabic: