To apply for the programme please send an email with an attached CV to No later than the 31st of March 2018.

Please note that the programme is for brothers and only 15 students will be accepted. The students will be chosen based on their credentials. After being accepted the student will have to transfer 250 USD as a deposit, for final confirmation. The full amount will be returned after the student finishes the programme.

You must mention the following in your application:



Country of origin and nationality

Country of residence

Islamic education

Secular education


Community work

Why are you interested in attending the Istanbul Introductions? (max 200 words)

What are the main concerns for Muslims living in the West in your opinion? (max 200 words)

How do you see yourself in the future attributing to the Muslims living in the West? (max 200 words)

Anything you would like to add

If you have letters of recommendation from professors, teachers, imams or the like, please also attach.